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In this month’s edition … we ask when owning a property letting business is an investment, look at invasive Japanese Knotweed and its hold over the law
, discuss whether ‘down valuation’ actually exists, and discover how New Zealand plans to keep foreigners out of its property market

The Property Market Monthly Fact File

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Legal: Representatives of G. Graham v HMRC (2018)

Are letting cottages entitled to Business Property Rate Relief? What level of service needs to be provided to be considered as a ‘business’ rather than a non-exempt property investment company?

Japanese Knotweed in battle with Network RailLegal: Network Rail loses legal battle against Japanese Knotweed

Experts aren’t able to agree over the threat of Japanese Knotweed but Network Rail has spent tens of thousands of pounds attempting to defend itself after property owners successfully fought for compensation in Wales.

French family are the first to live in 3D printed home

We look at a new phenomenon on the house building block – 3D printing of new homes is being embraced by France and the Netherlands.

New homes built on a housing estateIs ‘down valuation’ myth – or fact?

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors responds to accusations of ‘down valuations’ by surveyors, potentially making it difficult for home buyers to obtain a mortgage when buying property.

Government plans to offer longer tenancies for tenants

An estimated 80% of tenants have contracts of six to twelve months but, with more and more households renting their homes, the government is proposing to change the rules.

Can't afford to switch deals or sell the property you call home?Can’t afford to switch to a cheaper deal? Help on the way for (some) ‘mortgage prisoners’

The UK’s authorised mortgage lenders work towards a common standard that will help thousands of borrowers currently unable to free themselves from existing mortgage deals.

Game of Thrones star Charles Dance joins fight to save his local boozer, in local council battle

Followers of Game of Thrones will know that Tywin Lannister is used to getting his own way. The actor behind the TV series joins other celebrity residents of Camden in London to take the council to task with regard to its planning rules.

Save a grade II listed Orfordness Lighthouse from the sea – or let it be subject to ‘controlled ruination’?

Sink or swim? The National Trust wants to see an 18th century grade II listed lighthouse fall gracefully back to nature but the Orfordness Lighthouse Trust thinks differently.

Houses in Wellington, New ZealandNew Zealand no longer for sale!

New Zealand’s ministers ‘feel like tenants on their own land’ as the property market is driven by foreign investment making it beyond the reach of local people.

Hidden gardens and ancient buildings revealed by summer heatwave

As the summer heatwave seems finally to have departed, we remind ourselves of the hidden treasures it has revealed.

And finally …

Would you move in with the ‘in laws’ to save cash for your dream home?

A few tips on how to survive moving in with the relatives in order to save money.

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