Want to know when you’ll be a property millionaire?

Zoopla has produced a new online calculator that will tell you the year in which your home may be worth £1 million. It also estimates how much your home might be worth now, its annual growth over the last year, and how many houses in your postcode area are already worth £1 million or more.

2.7% of the UK’s housing stock is worth over a million, that’s 768,553 properties. According to Zoopla, the number of homes worth £1 million or more has grown by 23% since August 2016.

It is not surprising that homes in London make up 56.86% of the properties valued at £1m or more in England and Wales. London houses 430,720 property millionaires, who together own 12.8% of houses in the capital. But you probably won’t get so much ‘bang for your buck’ as you might in one of the 2,223 homes in Wales that make up 0.2% of the housing stock in the region.

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Proportion of £1m+ properties in England and Wales by Region


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