400,000 homes deemed ‘virtually unmarketable’ by estate agents

The number of registered sex offenders has risen by over a third in England and Wales over the last five years with more than 40,000 being on the register. This may well impact on up to ten times that number of houses in terms of property value.

So how much does your property drop in price when your have a registered sex offender living next door?

According to a survey in 2018, an average of 12% is lost on the value of houses when it is known that a sex offender has moved into the area. Many estate agents would regard such a house as “virtually unmarketable”.

The good news is that the value of the properties involved seems to recover quickly when the offender leaves the area. If you bought your house cheap and you find that a sex offender already lives next door, when he or she moves on, the value of your property will rise dramatically.

The mere fact that property prices are compromised means that most would find the situation unpalatable, so best do your research before you buy.

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