“Stop that Hard Hat” initiative


Last Friday, constructionenquirer.com announced the launch of the “Stop That Hard Hat”. This is a new hard hat which has been designed to stop construction workers wolf-whistling at passing women.  Manufacturers of the “Stop That Hard Hat” believe the politically-correct headgear will spell an end to sexist behaviour on site.

Whenever a wolf-whistle is detected, the “Stop That Hard Hat” plays pre-recorded messages to the offending builder through tiny speakers.  The first whistling offence prompts a warning about site behaviour. Any further whistling triggers recorded readings from the works of famous feminist writers like Germaine Greer and Andrea Dworkin.

Spokeswoman Avril Una said: “The construction industry has made great strides in this field but many women are still intimidated walking past building sites.  We believe this product will provide a constant reminder to builders of the consequences of their behaviour.”

The company is now working on a number of further launches due this time next year, including “stay high” trousers to eradicate builders bum and a pill which suppresses the desire for tea drinking.

4th April 2011