Web Misery for some Rural Home Owners.

The Countryside Alliance has been disappointed by the speed of the Government’s action plan over its rolling out of super fast broadband.

The Government in conjunction with BT is pushing for faster broadband services to be pushed out over the UK. Whilst by the end of 2017, more than 900,000 people will still have low broadband speeds.

The Government has recently confirmed that 600,000 more households will have access to the superfast broadband speeds provided by BT which in theory will give access to fast broadband schemes to 97% of the countries population. The 3% without even the opportunity for access to the hubs are almost all in rural areas.

Tim Bonner, the Alliance’s chief executive said: “ There is a considerable amount of frustration that Government relies on announcing big figures when, actually if you’re in the 3 per cent, it makes you feel worse, more marginalized. One percent is one percent too many. It needs to be universal.”

BT still charges literally thousands of pounds in many areas for a connection to the superfast local hubs. This is why despite 90% of households having the opportunity to connect to the superfast broadband, fewer than 1 in 3 take up the offer of connection.

When moving to a new home, consideration of the Broadband speeds already installed into the property can make a material difference to the popularity, price achievable and saleability of property in many parts of the country.