Lady Godiva’s home provides much more than the bare essentials

Belbroughton estate, the site of the home of Lady Godiva, has recently been put on the market sale for £3M.

The original manor house and its celebrated mistress are both long since gone almost a millennium ago, but Bell Hall, the third and most recent house to be built on the estate near Coventry, is an impressive, mainly Victorian property.

Seized following the Norman Conquest, the estate has outlived many prestigious owners including the Duke of Buckingham, and the Earl of Dudley.

The house is a emarkably comfortable home, ideal for a large family and those who like to entertain. The estate boasts its own clock tower, out-buildings as well as an impressive, medieval Grade II Norman chapel with mullioned windows, alter and pews.

In addition, the property sits within 34 acres with fantastic views.

Whilst historians speculate as to whether Lady Godiva did in fact ride through the streets of Coventry naked, with such extensive grounds, anyone wanting to buy the house and follow in the footsteps of the legendary Countess of Mercia can be assured of lots of privacy.