All I want for Christmas is…My own Island

Isle take it!

With two bars, ten bedrooms, a sauna and a fort, Thorn Island is up for sale and a ‘snip’ at £550,000.


The rocky island is one of three forts off the coast of Pembrokeshire. All three are part of a chain of forts of Lord Palmerston’s Haven defences. Built in 1854 as an outer defence to Milford Haven, the fort was occupied by 100 soldiers defending against Napoleon and the French army. Decommissioned after World War 2, it became a hotel in 1947 with later plans to turn it into a luxury retreat including a cable car to the mainland… which was sadly never built.

The 2 acre island is the scene of many a shipwreck, including the notorious Loch Shiel which was wrecked in 1894 on its way to Adelaide carrying beer and whiskey. Many are still on board today and have fetched up to £1000 at auction. If you’re a diver, these could provide much needed funds to fix up the place; the fort requires more money than the asking price to carry out renovations, having been uninhabited for over 10 years.

However, if you fancy yourself as King or Queen of your own castle with a Master tower bedroom, Thorn Island could be for you – but we suggest you buy a boat!