Sub-Editor’s Comment

Is Arthur Scargill a Hypocrite?

In the 1980’s Arthur Scargill did not have a good word to say about Margaret Thatcher. He was vocal in his opposition to her policies and particularly fought hard against the newly introduced ‘right to buy’ policy.

It seems, however, he has recently taken advantage of this very same legislation he objected to in order to buy his City of London council flat, for which he has paid £1,000,000; significantly less than its true value.

He was given the use of the flat when he was president of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) in 1982 and has never passed it back. The NUM are, themselves, now looking into how Mr Scargill was able to take advantage of right-to-buy rules to purchase the 3-bedroom London flat.

He had tried to buy the flat previously. He was, however, turned down by the City of London Corporation as they did not consider it be his principle residence.
The second time he applied he was successful despite the rules. This may well be because he has since ‘sold’ his main residence to his daughter and son-in-law, making the Barbican flat his primary residence.

Questions might well be raised in regard to his integrity 30 years on. Has Scargill abandoned his principles – in true Capitalist style – to his now swelling wallet?