Central* London’s Narrowest Home – yours for £1.2 million!

£1.2 million for a two bedroom, two bathroom terrace in Kensington? The catch is – the property is only 7 feet wide!

The pint-sized house has been listed on the market for a staggering £1.2 million – it has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a roof terrace and a balcony. The property is a quarter of the average price for a terrace home in the area, as normal figures reach £4 million. At its widest point the property measures 7 feet 3 inches, making it the narrowest property in the area.

Most people walk straight past the property without even realising it’s a home –  the small house comes across as invisible due to its diminutive size. It’s believed to have been built around 1830 and at one time was let out to 15 people.

The main bedroom has an en-suite and there is a separate shower room on the ground floor. The property also has a roof terrace which allows the home owner to have a small garden.

A previous owner hired a canal-boat designer to improve the ergonomics of the house, so despite the property’s size, it doesn’t look small on the inside. Somewhat surprisingly, the house doesn’t appear cramped at all and it doesn’t feel claustrophobic when inside due to the clever and well thought-out design.

“I have sold the property three times in 20 years and everyone there has been very happy”,  Josh Grinling of Winkworth Estate Agents said.

The property can’t be extended on either side due to it being mid-terrace, but it does have planning permission to build downwards. So the new owner could extend by creating a basement.

*Although this is the narrowest house in Central London, Greater London boasts two more.  Haringey and Shepherd’s Bush both have smaller properties at 7 feet and 6 feet wide respectively. Further afield, there is a house in Portsmouth, Hampshire, which is 4 feet 10 inches wide at the front, and one in Millport on the Isle of Cumbrae, Scotland which – at only 47 inches wide at the front – is the world’s smallest property. All of which make the narrow property in Cambourne, Cornwall, seem positively cavernous at 7’10” wide.

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