Property Market Fact File – April 2016


Office for National Statistics – January 2016
UK Average = £292k, up 7.9% over the year,  a 1.4% decrease over the month
Excluding London and the South East:  Average = £218k, up 5.1% over the year.

Land Registry – February 2016
Average for England and Wales = £190,275, down 0.2% in the month, up 6.1% over the year.

Halifax – February 2016
UK Average = £209,495, down 1.4% in the month, up 3.0% in the quarter, up 9.7% in the year.

Nationwide – March 2016
UK average = £200,251, up 0.8% in the month, up 5.7% in the year.

Rightmove – 7th February to 12th March 2016
UK average = £303,190, up 1.3% in the period, up 7.6% in the year.

LSL / Acadata – February 2016
Average England and Wales = £289,229, up 0.8% from last month, up 6.2% in the year.
Excluding London and the South East: up 4.6% in the year.

Office for National Statistics – January 2016
England average = £306k, up 8.6% over the year.
Wales average = £174k, down 0.3% over the year.
Scotland average = £195k, up 0.1% over the year.
Northern Ireland average = £153k, up 0.8% over the year.

Rightmove regional figures
7th Mar to 12th Mar ‘16 Average price Monthly change Annual change
Greater London £644,045 0.0% +11.0%
South East £399,680 +1.8% +8.1%
South West £292,251 +2.6% +6.8%
East of England £326,836 +1.6% +9.7%
West Midlands £204,140 +2.5% +5.5%
East Midlands £189,819 +1.4% +3.6%
Wales £174,046 +1.4% +2.7%
North West £177,437 +1.7% +3.0%
Yorkshire & Humberside £173,947 +1.9% +3.2%
North East £148,484 +2.4% +3.7%
Land Registry regional figures
February 2016 Average price Monthly change Annual change
London £530,368 +0.6% +13.5%
South East £267,235 +0.7% +10.9%
South West £199,214 +0.7% +6.7%
East £220,188 +0.7% +9.8%
West Midlands £142,734 -0.3% +4.5%
East Midlands £140,977 +1.5% +6.2%
Wales £122,573 -0.1% +1.2%
North West £117,081 +1.8% +4.9%
Yorkshire & Humberside £125,532 +0.9% +4.1%
North East £97,582 -1.2% -3.2%


  Average Price Monthly change Annual change
Largest changes according to:
Rightmove (7th Feb to 12th Mar ‘16)
Richmond upon Thames £923,220 +5.1% [+11.6%]
Kensington and Chelsea £2,349,486 -5.6% [-0.4%]
Barking and Dagenham £297,528 [+2.0%] +23.5%
LSL Acadata (Jan ’16):
Brent £561,898 +4.1% [+12.1%]
Hammersmith and Fulham £888,509 -2.1% [-9.8%]
Newham £346,003 [+2.0%] +23.3%
City of Westminster £1,335,790 [+1.1%] -10.2%
Land Registry Feb ‘16):
Hammersmith and Fulham £846,355 +2.2% [+7.3%[
Merton £510,395 -0.8% [+11.2%]
Hillingdon £391,728 [+1.4%] +17.1%
Camden £858,067 [+0.2%] +3.6%

[Figures in bold are the top and bottom of the scale, figures in square brackets are for information only]
Figures exclude the City of London, due to small number of transactions.

RICS Survey Overview.
The RICS Residential Market Survey for February 2016 (published 10th March 2016) says that “Sales instructions rise while activity strengthens further” and that “House price growth retains a considerable amount of momentum”.
East Anglia saw the largest price increases over the month, whilst the North once again saw the smallest, with London not much higher.
The South West once again had the highest positive level of new buyer enquiries in the month, whereas London, and Scotland to a small extent, saw the only negative levels.
The highest level of new vendor instructions was the South West, whereas the lowest were in Scotland and the North West.
Yet again, the South West had the highest level of newly agreed sales, whereas the South East saw the lowest.
Source: Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is the UK’s leading property website, displaying details of homes for sale or rent to the largest online audience. It is consistently ranked the number one property website in the UK (source: Experian Hitwise). It has around 90% of all properties for sale and at any time displays a stock of over one million properties to buy or rent, worth around £270 billion. The site attracts over 90 million visits from home movers each month who view in excess of one billion pages (Rightmove data, October 2014).
LSL Acad E&W HPI is derived from Land Registry (LR) house price data, seasonally and mix adjusted by property type. © Crown copyright material reproduced with the permission of Land Registry. The prices are smoothed to show underlying trends. LSL Acad E&W HPI includes cash purchase prices and is the only index based upon the complete, factual house price data for England & Wales, as opposed to a sample.
The Office for National Statistics (ONS) House Price Index (HPI), previously published by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), is a monthly release that publishes figures for mix-adjusted average house prices and house price indices for the UK, its component countries and regions. The index is calculated using mortgage financed transactions that are collected via the Regulated Mortgage Survey by the Council of Mortgage Lenders.

Next month’s Property Market Fact File is due in May 2016.

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