In case you missed it: £10,000 fence erected by electrician must be removed after the council insists that it is a danger to drivers

Graham Jaggar, 51 from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, woke up one day fed up of thieves relentlessly targeting his home and making off with sometimes thousands of pounds worth of his possessions. His solution? To build a £10,000 security fence around the property.

He explains:

“Over the last few years I’ve had around £30,000 worth of stuff stolen by these idiots, it’s just a scandal…

It’s mostly been expensive tools from this house, which means I can’t work, and building materials” 

Unfortunately, the fence, that has stood for almost a year now and done its job in preventing any burglaries, must be removed after a neighbour complained that it causes a blind spot whilst driving.

Mr Jaggar, does not disagree with his neighbour however insists:

“there are hazards everywhere in the roads so all it takes is caution and common sense”

As well as his business and his possessions, the removal of the fence will affect his family with his grandchildren said to be “terrified” to visit the house of fear of burglars.

The decision by the council has understandably left Mr Jaggar rather angry:

“The council just won’t see any sense. They have cocked up and I’ve been left to cough up the costs – I need to protect my house… 

I could plant ten foot conifers around this house and get away with it, there’s no common sense whatsoever.”

This is not the first incident involving a fence that we have reported on and it seems to be an ever increasing planning issue. To read our previous fence related articles click here and here.


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