10 Questions on…… Carrying out repairs, replacements and building work to your home or office.

We have been asked by a number of clients recently as to when they need to legally apply for building regulation approval in relation to upgrades and improvements to their properties. At some point in our lives most of us get round to changing, extending or renovating our homes in order to make them our own. This month’s 10 questions are designed to increase your understanding in this regard and help you through this process.

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10 Questions on…..Hedgerow Regulations.

The existing Hedgerow regulations came in to force on 1 June 1997 and were created with the intent of protecting important countryside hedges from damage and destruction. The regulations are extremely complicated so we have put together a few often-asked questions that help to explain different aspects of the regulations and how they might affect you, your property and the risk of legal action.

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