DIY man walls himself up in cellar of building

A German DIY enthusiast trapped himself in his cellar for two days after ending on the wrong side of a wall he was building.

The man, 64, was sealing off the cellar at his home in Gumperda, near Leipzig, to save on heating bills.

Police suspect he was too proud of his creation to knock it down, so he used a jackhammer to tunnel his way to freedom through his neighbour’s home.  Unfortunately, he had been feuding with the neighbours for months and as he emerged he was met by police who are considering charging him with disturbing the peace.

Source:  The Daily Telegraph 26th November, 2010

Loo with a view goes for £104,000!

Tuesday this week saw a bidding war take place between 10 eager gents as each made a mad dash for a decommissioned public toilet. Some went expecting only to pay a penny, but Cawston builder Nick Willan came away £104,000 lighter, having paid £74,000 more than the guide price. Reports indicate that the rest seemed exceptionally uncomfortable at the result.

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Minister’s Honesty Shock!

Grant Shapps, the housing minister, told Radio 4 on the 3rd January when commenting on the end of boom and bust in the housing market, that it was not “within the gift of government to do that”. He stated that “I would be foolish to say that you can simply end boom and bust, you can’t.”

Mr Shapps did confirm that there were policies that the Government could use to influence the market such as those affecting mortgages and investments.

Contrast that with the exuberant comments coming out of 10 Downing Street in the early years of the Blair-Brown Government.  “No more boom and bust.”

Such realism from a government minister seems rather novel and refreshing!