Uncertainty in the Housing Market in June

The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) have reported that although the number of houses on their books fell slightly in June, the number of house hunters rose.

The RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) report gives the opposite picture, with the number of house buyers down and housing stock up.

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How close is your nearest Mobile Phone Mast?

To locate whether there is a mobile phone mast close to your home, or near a home which you are thinking of purchasing, involves considerable research.  Will it be required as part of the local authority enquiries contained within a property search prior to conveyance?
Certain studies have shown a higher incidence of certain cancers, tumours and other illnesses in persons living or working close to mobile phone masts. However, a recent study published in the British Medical Journal, found no link between Childhood Tumours and the radiation emitting base stations which some people blame for a spate of illnesses.
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Budget Property Issues

George Osbourne’s ‘Emergency Budget’ has been delivered.

Councils that can keep their Council Tax bills down, by means of saving on expenses, will be subsidised as a reward for so doing. This will mean council tax bills can be frozen for the year 2011/12 for hard-hit householders.

The top rate of Capital Gains Tax is to be increased to 28% from midnight. This will only affect higher-rate tax payers. This is lower than the 40% rumoured.

22nd June 2010

Garden-grabbing to come to an end

Gardens will be given greenfield status, rather than brownfield, the government will announce today, to end “Garden-Grabbing”, where developers buy up a garden and build several houses on it. Greg Clark, Communities Minister, is to say that the reclassification will give local councils the power to reject housing developments within urban and suburban areas.

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HIPs have been suspended

The government has today announced that Home Information Packs are to be suspended from 21st May 2010.  This confirms the Conservative Party’s intention stated prior to the election. The Energy Performance Certificates will continue, as they are a European Union directive, and will be valid for 10 years.

Private Water Supplies Regulations Change

From January, 2010, there has been a reshaping of the law forcing Local Authorities to carry out a risk assessment and to test all Private Water Supplies in England and Wales.

This will affect every property with a private water supply, except an individual (non commercial) property where the owner has not requested an assessment.     To read more click here.