The Control of Wasps

Wasps can easily create chaos around somebody’s property, house or home by setting up their nest too close or even inside the property.  The usually unwelcome pests can make using parts of any property, house or garden unpleasant and even virtually impossible to use normally in some circumstances.

People are used to wasp nests in trees and roofs and outbuildings but they can even be found at ground level.  They can also appear almost overnight.

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Court Rules on Property Leases

Chancery Division Court Ruling puts pressure on tenants and their advisors to make certain that any option clause notices are properly served.  Inaccurate serving of the notice will invalidate the process.

A tenant in Kensington did not follow the terms of his lease and the courts have confirmed that his wish to enact an option to break clause was therefore inoperable.

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Uncertainty in the Housing Market in June

The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) have reported that although the number of houses on their books fell slightly in June, the number of house hunters rose.

The RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) report gives the opposite picture, with the number of house buyers down and housing stock up.

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How close is your nearest Mobile Phone Mast?

To locate whether there is a mobile phone mast close to your home, or near a home which you are thinking of purchasing, involves considerable research.  Will it be required as part of the local authority enquiries contained within a property search prior to conveyance?
Certain studies have shown a higher incidence of certain cancers, tumours and other illnesses in persons living or working close to mobile phone masts. However, a recent study published in the British Medical Journal, found no link between Childhood Tumours and the radiation emitting base stations which some people blame for a spate of illnesses.
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