Bank of England Maintains Bank Rate

The Bank of England has maintained the help to the economy and the property market by leaving bank rate at 0.5% for another month.  

The Bank Rate was previously changed by a reduction of 0.5 percentage points to the current 0.5% on 5 March 2009.  This will no doubt encourage the property mortgage rate for the majority of lenders to stay at relatively low levels. 

Building Survey and Valuation data has shown that the general property market is relatively active for those able to pay larger deposits.  The extent of the recent stamp duty changes on property sales has yet to be accurately established.   Many lenders are charging higher rates and limiting the availability of funds to those with smaller deposits available for property purchases.

8 April 2010

Election uncertainty over ?

So the election has been called and some uncertainty for the economy and the property market may soon be over.  We will know which collection of politicians forms the next government after May 06th.  How will their individual policies affect the property market?

Confidence in property house prices, property sales volumes, property valuations, building surveys and the legal changes proposed could all be affected by the outcome. 

A detailed analysis will be made on a party by party approach over the coming weeks and posted in the newsletter archive.

06th April, 2010

The Devil is in the Detail. Budget Comment Property Summary

The Chancellor’s last budget before the election has indicated that the Finance Bill will affect few areas of the property market.

The property headline grabber is that First Time Buyers will be relieved of paying stamp duty at levels up to £250,000.

This appears to only benefit First Time buyers.  How does the Chancellor define a First Time Buyer ?

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David Cameron, Conservative party leader, and George Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor, have pledged to reverse a £20m tax raid on holiday homes proposed by the Treasury if they win the forthcoming election.  The plans, which were announced in last year’s Budget by the Treasury, are set to bring in approximately £20m in taxes in the next year and are due to take effect next month.  To read more click here.