Party Wall Act – New Legal Precedent Ruling

In Kaye v Lawrence, a new precedent has been set that enables an adjoining owner to require a building owner carrying out work (governed by the Party Wall Act) to lodge a sum of money as security before he begins any works.  This seems to overrule the established Party Wall guidance text of the Pyramus and Thisbe club. 

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Government announces quick eviction of Neighbours from Hell

The Government has announced that it is making the process of eviction for Neighbours from Hell quicker.
At present, the courts have to prove the Neighbour as guilty of Anti-Social Behaviour via one conviction and then have to go to court to establish that this earlier conviction constitutes reasonable grounds to obtain a possession order.
Grant Shapps has announced that this process is to be streamined.

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Minister’s Honesty Shock!

Grant Shapps, the housing minister, told Radio 4 on the 3rd January when commenting on the end of boom and bust in the housing market, that it was not “within the gift of government to do that”. He stated that “I would be foolish to say that you can simply end boom and bust, you can’t.”

Mr Shapps did confirm that there were policies that the Government could use to influence the market such as those affecting mortgages and investments.

Contrast that with the exuberant comments coming out of 10 Downing Street in the early years of the Blair-Brown Government.  “No more boom and bust.”

Such realism from a government minister seems rather novel and refreshing!