Need a survey in Cowbridge?

Whatever type of survey you need, be it a full building survey, a Homebuyer type report or just acquisition advice, Keith Batten FRICS, Right Surveyors Glamorgan’s new Director, can help. Go to his local website here and find out more.

If you are buying a property, be it residential or commercial, in or near Cowbridge, give Keith a call. Instructing a Chartered Surveyor to survey your prospective property purchase could save thousands in the long run. Defects like Japanese Knotweed and other invasive plant life, damp, and improperly constructed structures, amongst many, many others, can easily go un-noticed if not surveyed by a trained eye.

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Experienced, Local Chartered Surveyor starts practice in Llantwit Major

Keith Batten FRICS, a Chartered Surveyor with 30 years experience in the industry and a lifetime spent living and working in South Wales, has created a new practice to offer surveying and professional services to all clients in and around Llantwit Major. The Local website can be found here.

Keith can provide all kinds of building surveys for all budgets, as well as professional advice, acting as an expert witness in disputes and valuations for all purposes. If you are buying a property in or around Llantwit Major, Keith can provide you with the peace of mind you need to enjoy, and properly plan for, your new purchase.

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Need a Building Survey in or around Penarth?

South Wales has a brand new Chartered Surveying practice, providing a professional, independent and fast service for all residential and commercial property purchasers. Right Surveyors Glamorgan, headed by experienced Chartered Surveyor Keith Batten FRICS, can service any and all property needs, from professional work to party wall disputes, residential surveys to valuations. Click here to find the local Penarth website and see how Keith, who has lived and worked in South Wales all his life, can help you.

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Councils detect £185m of fraud, but Audit Commission reckons ‘Tip of the Iceberg’

The organisation has just published its report ‘Protecting the Public Purse’ – billed as the country’s only annual survey of detected fraud against councils – and it shows that 121,000 scams were detected in 2010/11. The scams include false benefit claims, council tax discount cheating, unlawful use of council housing, cheating on council contracts, and also emerging trends such as criminals exploiting council’s transparency information to mislead councils.

However, councils have done better at detecting these scams over the last year, uncovering £185 million worth of scams, an improvement of 37 per cent from the previous year’s figure of £135 million. Even so, the Audit Commission estimates that councils could be losing up to £2 billion a year to fraudsters.

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Preparing for the winter – what can you do to fight rising energy prices?

The government has joined forces with energy suppliers, Citizens Advice, Consumer Focus, Age UK and Which? to offer tips and advice on how to save money on your gas and electricity bill this winter. We present the main three points to help you to keep warm for less.

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Co-operative Housing Tenure Bill introduced into the Commons

The Labour MP for Stalybridge & Hyde, Jonathon Reynolds, has introduced a new Co-Operative Housing Tenure Bill into the House of Commons, as of 11 October 2011. He hopes to achieve recognition for the unique status of co-operative housing and, by doing so, boost investment in housing co-operatives and combat Britain’s housing shortage.

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New poll reveals 50 of life’s greatest pleasures

A survey just last week discovered that finding a £10 note in an old pair of jeans, getting into bed with freshly washed sheets and going on holiday are among life’s greatest pleasures.

The poll, carried out by Three Barrels Brandy,  took the opinion of 3,000 adults and aimed to discover what man kinds greatest pleasures are.

Sunshine was found to be a substantial cause of good moods – with examples such as waking up to a sunny day, sitting in the sun and driving with the car windows down on a sunny day all appearing in the top 20.

Other happy moments include being surprised with flowers or chocolates, getting a nice message or cuddle from a loved one, or getting a thank you card in the post.

Slightly less romanticised examples included ‘snogging’, lads nights out and winning a tenner on the lottery.

Overall, it serves as a nice reminder that simple things are what give people most pleasure.

10 Questions on….domestic wind turbines

With the introduction of various Government incentives to turn your home ‘green’, including Feed-in-Tariffs introduced on 1 April 2010 and Renewable Heat Grants on 1 August this year, we are taking a look at the different options available to homeowners to produce their own energy and reduce their bills.

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