October 2021 Property Surveying Newsletter

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In this month’s Property Surveying Newsletter … we look at why you need a Building Reinstatement Valuation, consider retirement investment in property and discover one way of avoiding Stamp Duty 

The Property Market Monthly Fact File

The property market fact file is a collection of data compiled each month by our Chartered Surveyors and the propertysurveying.co.uk team, reflecting survey data, statistics, trends and information from the property market. This provides a single place where anyone with an interest in UK property can find the information they need.

Judge rules on doorbell privacy row

A ruling on the unjustifiable invasion of privacy could have implications for home security devices across the country.

Planning reforms under review

In his speech to the Conservative party conference in October, the Prime Minister said that houses should not, after all, be built on green fields.

fire damaged building

Surveyors Guide to Building Reinstatement Valuations

Homeowners, management companies and managing agents of any type of property have the responsibility for ensuring that their property carries the correct level of insurance cover. This applies for new build and period properties, blocks of apartments and flats.

Housing market battlefield for new landlords

The price of buying property has rocketed in recent times, and lenders are lacking in confidence in an over-inflated housing market. When house prices are at record levels it can be difficult for anyone to enter the housing market.

council investment in buying property

Council advanced £151 million to billionaire buying property

A council’s audit and finance committee reported in July that it had advanced over £150 million to an investment company, and was five times the size of any previous commercial loans made by the council.

Would setting fire to your property help?

In the sellers’ market we have today, you would probably expect to be in a good position to sell the property you bought 15 years ago. You’d probably expect to be more financially secure, too.

London skyline

How to pay no stamp duty at all

Here’s a good wheeze. Instead of buying a townhouse property for £6.4 million and paying huge sums in stamp duty, why not simply set up a UK company and use it to buy the offshore firm that owns the property?

Beware risks of retirement funded by property

It’s easy to understand the attraction of property investment for income in retirement but you should be aware that there are some risks.

And finally …

Pub may be saved from extinction !

If you want to nip to the pub in Inverie, on Scotland’s Knoydart Peninsula in Lochaber, you’ll need your yacht or walking boots. The Old Forge is the remotest on mainland Britain. It’s up for sale, but the community is rallying to keep it open.

Written by Independent Chartered Surveyors
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