August 2021 Property Surveying Newsletter

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In this month’s Property Surveying Newsletter … we discuss changes to the National Planning Policy Framework, look at how changes to the environment and farming are threatening to change the face of England and remind ourselves why you can’t send small children up chimneys

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Don't urbanise the Downs is fighting to save the Downs

Eton mess – when it’s gone it’s gone

Eton College has sparked outrage by proposing a 3,000 house new town in rural East Sussex. Architect-designed, self-sufficient and eco-friendly homes are planned – a nirvana so perfect its inhabitants will not need to travel for work or leisure. The profits (a mere £120 million), will provide scholarships for up to 35 underprivileged children and – ahem – will help cover some building costs Eton has incurred.

Legal challenge lost over building on Oxfordshire green belt

A High Court ruling has dashed all hopes of preventing the building of 4,400 new homes on Green Belt land to the north of Oxford.

High Street, Hastings, East Sussex

Permitted development expanded for high street property

Property developers in England are now able to convert a range of high street business properties into flats without the need for planning permission.

National Planning Policy updates advice on rural building

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) has been updated and makes changes to advice on building within rural areas. The document previously required a home to be ‘innovative’ in order to be built in a rural area, but this clause has been removed from the policy

Stop this vandalism and create new routes for cyclists and walkers

The transport secretary, Grant Shapps, has stopped work being carried out on 69 bridges along disused railway lines, having learned of plans to block dozens of them.

Tight fit in the country for city folk

Moving from the city to a better life in the country has become something of a tradition since property values began to recover from the financial crisis of 2008. However, the amount of extra space that money would buy in the country has reduced every year for the last five years.

thatched roof property

Chocolate box England under threat

Historic England has warned that thatched roofs may no longer exist in 20 years time.

Hope Cove bit of a misnomer as residents give up hope

South Hams District Council has come under fire from a parish council and residents of a seaside village for its planning policies.

Trying to get on the map? Be careful what you wish for …

There are many coastal towns around the UK suffering from a lack of employment opportunities and housing young locals can afford to buy, among them Withernsea in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Online property advertising boom

Whatever your motives, there are plenty of reasons to be interested in Rightmove. Such is the level of interest in the online property portal, that it’s raking in record revenues.

And finally …

Ornate chimneys on building

Reminder: it’s illegal to send small children up chimneys

As the summer evenings turn slightly chilly and damp with the approach of autumn, it’s comforting to imagine a nice relaxing evening in front of the fire. But before you take a match anywhere near the fireplace in your home, remember to get your chimney swept.

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