What is Photographic Inspection Advice?

This is similar to normal Acquisition Advice, however, the client may or may not meet the surveyor at the property at the end of the inspection. The surveyor would take a photograph of everything that he or she would report on in a typical survey and provide the client with a disc of photographs. A written index is provided if required with a brief explanation of the feature and/or issue concerned.

The presence of a photograph enables a telephone conversation to take place to clarify the surveyor's thoughts about the property, including with special reference to specific photographs.

A surveyor knows what sections are important to look at, whereas most clients are less experienced and are often constrained by having to look around a property with a vendor or agent. The Surveyor can be as long as it takes and is expected to be nosey!

This service does not usually come with a formal written report, although this can be supplied by arrangement, and has obviously become very popular over the last few years with the advent of digital photography. The last few inspections carried out by the author have typically been in excess of 250 photographs. With the old 35 mm cameras we used to inspect a property and take 36 shots for the whole thing!