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Publication date: 21 February 2017

In this edition, we look at Liverpool's property market and bizare housing stories.

The Property Market Monthly Fact File - February 2017
The property market fact file is a collection of data compiled each month by our Chartered Surveyors and the team; collating survey data, statistics, trends and information from the property market. This aims to provide a single place where anyone with an interest in UK property can find the information they need.
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London Property Prices – It’s not all about Westminster?
This year, Zoopla crowned Dalston the UK's top property hotspot after house prices in the neighbourhood rocketed 60 per cent over the last five years.
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Moss & Lichens on Roofing Materials.
Moss and Lichens are a common defect that is often noted by surveyors across the propertysurveying network. Below we explain the causes, the dangers and removal methods concerned with Moss and other growths upon different roofing materials.
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Lewd and Disorderly Practices in Mayfair.
Mayfair is probably the most exclusive and valuable area of London.  There are many top quality homes and many Offices bounded by Park Lane, Oxford Street, Piccadilly and Regent Street.  Property names which to many which are more at home on the Monopoly board than homes in real life.
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A small history of the once smallest house in Liverpool and England.
Take a stroll down Liverpool’s Wavertree High Street and, as you walk past the many pubs, the laundrette, the pharmacy, corner shops and hair dressers you might think of it of any other Liverpool street.
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Cowboy builders leave more than 1.5 million homes riddled with damp.
Cavity Wall insulation work carried out to meet government energy targets has left over 1.5 million homes with botched insulation causing dampness, mould, crumbling plaster and stained walls.
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Dual Use for Land Power?
In the closing days of 2016, France opened the world’s first solar highway. The road in Normandy has been imbedded with photovoltaic panels to generate electricity.
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Maintenance Issues? Some Great Advice for Landlords.
It never rains but it pours when you rent out property. Here we have some useful tips on how to best manage the maintenance of your valuable asset.
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Fake News: Haunted House Nonsense
Did a man in Texas really eat a teenager visiting a haunted house this month? The tale of a terrible death is reputed to have happened in a Haunted House.
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Harder Times for City Slickers.
The price of renting one bedroom properties in London has increased 5.2% over the last 12 months according to leading surveying firms..
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Web Misery for some Rural Home Owners.
The Countryside Alliance has been disappointed by the speed of the Government’s action plan over its rolling out of super fast broadband.
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And Finally....

Should Liverpool be at the top of your investment list? Competition time for free Bubbly!
Win a bottle of Prosecco delivered to any UK mainland address. All you have to do is send an email, to, listing the 10 Beatles song titles contained in the article below. See below for rules of the competition.
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