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Publication date: 15th June 2016

In this month's edition ... we examine the effects that a new act will have on the problem of abandonment, witness yet another neighbourhood dispute involving a hedge, and see how developers are doing their bit to protect honeybees. Plus the fourth in our series on common defects - this month is Dry Rot.

The Property Market Monthly Fact File - June 2016
The property market fact file is a collection of data compiled each month by our Chartered Surveyors and the team; collating survey data, statistics, trends and information from the property market. This aims to provide a single place where anyone with an interest in UK property can find the information they need.
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Abandonment problem for private landlords alleviated by new Act.
If a tenant leaves a property before the end of the contracted period, is behind with the rent, and doesn’t inform the landlord, this is called abandonment.
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Government Plans for Business Rates must be streamlined.
In 2015, George Osborne, announced to the conservative party conference that the Business Rate system would be reformed with the Business Rates being devolved to local authorities.
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The 34 foot high hedge that caused a war between neighbours
To the south of Fort William, Argyllshire, lies the village of Ballachulish. An idyllic place with views of the mountains and the Loch. However, over the last few years, a war has been declared between neighbours.
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The ECO scheme – what can it do for you?
It’s been around for a few years now, but many homeowners still have no idea what the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) is or how it can help them.
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Harder Times for City Slickers
In the past, price increases were fuelled by higher property purchase prices and harder mortgage tests. Although the housing market appears to have slowed, there seems to be no let-up in the rental sector.
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A surveyor’s guide to home maintenance - Ventilation & Air-tightness
The two subjects of ventilation and air-tightness are closely interlinked and it has been a trend in modern property design to pay close attention to both.
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Developers do their bit to protect the bees
House builders in the Midlands are doing their part for the environment by planting flowers and foliage at their developments in Northamptonshire to welcome the bees.
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Mortgage Market Update
Various sources are claiming that now is as good a time to buy a property as there has ever been, with interest rates low and the property market surging forward. We have compiled stats from various sources around the country to give you a complete view of the mortgage market, in case you are looking to invest…
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NEW SERIES: 10 defects that could be hiding in your home – a surveyor's view

Defect 4 – Dry Rot
In part 1, we covered Condensation, part two was Water Ingress, last month was Rising Damp and this month we’re going to take a look at Dry Rot, or as it is scientifically known - Serpula Lacrymans.
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And Finally....

In case you missed it: £700k house fell down after ‘dodgy’ building work.
The Edwardian end-of-terrace in Lewisham had been bought in January by a couple who intended to do it up and make it their family home. Zoopla had estimated the value at almost £700k, although it been purchased for £660k.
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