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Publication date: 15th January 2016

In this month's edition... we review the major advancements in property law during 2015, reveal the iconic American mansion for sale with quite a twist, discuss a red and white planning faux pas and turn the spotlight onto a wealthy tycoon's illegal lighthouse...

The Property Market Monthly Fact File - January 2016
The property market fact file is a collection of data compiled each month by our Chartered Surveyors and the team; collating survey data, statistics, trends and information from the property market. This aims to provide a single place where anyone with an interest in UK property can find the information they need.
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2015 – Planning Law Focus
A look back on some of 2015's biggest property law cases and legislation
Another year has passed us by and case and statute law have both continued to evolve the planning process and the property industry landscape throughout the year. We look back on some of the more significant changes that will affect all of us in the industry, moving forward into 2016…
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case law and legislation from 2015

Kensington property owner subject to s. 215 notice after painting house in red and white
Ref. Lisle-Mainwaring & Anor v Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea [2015] EWHC 2015
A property owner who painted her estimated £15m house in Kensington with red and white stripes, has become the subject of a s. 215 notice and will be forced by Hammersmith Magistrates Court to return it to plain white…
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District Council brings legal challenge after planning refusal is overturned
Cherwell District Council, Oxfordshire, will seek legal challenge after their original decision not to grant permission for a 54 home development in Hook Norton was overturned by the Secretary of State’s Inspector on appeal…
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The Local Government Association reveals that the number of unbuilt homes with planning permission hits record levels
Around 475,000 are yet to be built despite having planning permission, resulting in record figures which are 25% higher than they were just five years ago.
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£6.3 million of funding set to kick start building work for tens of thousands of homes in dedicated Housing Zones across the country
As of 5th January 2016, Housing Zones across the country will begin to receive funding aimed at kick starting building work for tens of thousands of homes…
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tycoon builds lighthouse on her land without permission

Fisherman’s Friend tycoon builds a lighthouse on her land without planning permission
Multi-millionaire and Fisherman’s Friend tycoon has 30ft lighthouse replica built on her land only to learn she may have to knock it down because she has no planning permission…
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Prime Minister David Cameron promises to renovate run-down housing estates
Cameron announced that the country's most neglected and deprived housing estates will be replaced and transformed into safe and pleasant-looking neighbourhoods.
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Mortgage Market Update
Various sources are claiming that now is as good a time to buy a property as there has ever been, with interest rates low and the property market surging forward. We have compiled stats from various sources around the country to give you a complete view of the mortgage market, in case you are looking to invest…
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And Finally....

In case you missed it - The Playboy Mansion is up for sale, but unfortunately comes with one major catch...
The Playboy Mansion has been put up for sale for a staggering £138 million, but unfortunately comes with one major catch – Playboy founder Hugh Hefner must stay...
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