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Publication date: 20th October 2015

In this month's edition... the High Court quashes a planning decision on bias grounds, drones are used in the housing sector for the first time, higher earning tenants are set to pay a 'fairer' rent and a landlord smashes up his own pub after being refused a drink...

The Property Market Monthly Fact File - October 2015
The property market fact file is a collection of data compiled each month by our Chartered Surveyors and the team; collating survey data, statistics, trends and information from the property market. This aims to provide a single place where anyone with an interest in UK property can find the information they need.
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High Court Quashes Planning Permission on Bias Grounds
Ref. Kelton v Wiltshire Council [2015] EWHC 2853 (Admin)
A judicial review was advanced by the claimant who sought to prove that a councillor sitting on the planning committee was biased on account of his directorship with the affordable housing provider. The result is a strong example of the old pillar of natural law - nemo judex in causa sua…
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Housing Group Becomes the First to Use Drones in the Housing Sector
Ref. Data Protection Act 1998
Walsall Housing Group has become the first housing association in the country to secure permission from the Civil Aviation Authority to fly drones over their housing stock. The move raises a variety of concerns, including the legal implications with regards to the Data Protection Act…
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high street example

Ten high streets named a “Rising Star” in Great British High Street competition

10 High Streets across the country that narrowly missed out on the final of the Great British High Street Competition, have been awarded a special ‘Rising Star’ award and £1,000 cash.

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George Osborne announces plans to hand local councils the power to control business rates.
Chancellor George Osborne has announced plans for what he describes as the “biggest transfer of power to our local government in living memory”, which will see local councils gain full control over business rates.
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Higher earning tenants set to pay fairer rent under consultation proposals
Consultation proposals published earlier this month by Housing Minister Brandon Lewis, will see higher earning tenants in social housing pay a fairer rent to continue living there. The charge marks a landmark moment in how Britain handles its social housing stock.
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New Housing and Planning Bill to enforce councils to produce local plans for new homes by 2017
In a new Housing and Planning Bill, local councils will have a local plan in place by 2017 or face the prospect of government consultation with residents to produce one for them...
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new build example

Right to Buy scheme set to be extended after the government secures historic agreement
Earlier this month the Prime Minister announced a historic new agreement that will see the Right to Buy scheme extended to a further 1.3 million tenants...
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The estate agent who ‘forgot’ to mention the bodies in the garden and other outrageous complaints…
When the housing market starts to boom, buyers and sellers activity soars. One side wants their property to sell for the highest price and the other wants to grab a bargain. In this frenzy the estate agents try to keep both sides happy. However, in their desperation to get a sale or exploit a property, things can go very wrong...
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Mortgage Market Update
Various sources are claiming that now is as good a time to buy a property as there has ever been, with interest rates low and the property market surging forward. We have compiled stats from various sources around the country to give you a complete view of the mortgage market, in case you are looking to invest…
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And Finally....

In case you missed it - Landlord smashes up his own pub after being refused a drink

A landlord who was refused a drink in his own pub decided to take revenge by ploughing a JCB into the building, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage...
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