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Publication date: 15th October 2012

Now that party conference season is over, we bring you news from all three conferences,
as well as the usual mixture of property news, legal updates and know-how.

The Property Market Monthly Fact File - October 2012
The property market fact file is a collection of data compiled each month by our chartered surveyors and the team, collating survey data, statistics and related trends and information from the building and property market. This will help many persons with an interest in property to gain an accurate view of what is happening in the property market as a whole in the UK.
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Recent Case Shows Tenants Must Be Aware of Break Clause Preconditions
Ref. Avocet Industrial Estates LLP v Merol Ltd [2011] EWHC 3422 (Ch)
The case above has clearly illustrated that when a tenant is considering exercising its option to break the lease terms early, they and their legal advisors must pay close attention to satisfying the necessary preconditions to avoid frustration.
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Proceeds of Crime Act - Brent to Receive Over £500,000 for Illegal Landlord House Conversion
Norwich Crown Court has this month reached a decision on a case concerning a landlord in Brent, London who converted a house into 12 flats without the appropriate planning consent. He faces well over £1.4m in fines.
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When is a Farmhouse not a Farmhouse?
Ref. Arnander (Executors of McKenna, deceased) -v- Revenue & Customs Commissioners [2007] RVR 208
A long string of cases over the last ten or so years, culminating in McKenna’s Case, have helped to clearly define the legal stance that Revenue & Customs Commissioners will take with regards to Inheritance Tax (IHT) and Agricultural Property. Readers should be aware how to manage their agricultural property to get the most out of IHT relief.
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Planning Relaxation on Extensions Could Have Legal Ramifications
Early September saw the British Government announce plans to relax planning laws for a three year period to get planning officers ‘off people’s backs’. But will this stimulate the economy? Or just create countless headaches for legal and property professionals?
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News from Conference Season...

Property under the Conservative 'Aspiration Nation'
In the Conservative Conference we saw the birth of the 'Aspiration Nation' and the revival of 'white van conservatism', but what will these mean for the British property market?
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One Nation, One Property Market, Three Policies
With the Labour conference having just concluded, we got a glimpse of what life would be like under the leadership of the newly branded ‘One Nation’ Labour party. Of particular relevance, three major policies were announced by various members of the Labour leadership…
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'Fairer tax in tough times' - What the Lib Dems Want for British Property
Three major property related policies emerged from the rhetoric of the Lib Dem Conference, including an ambitious construction target...
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The Great Debate - To Build or Not to Build?
Have your say...
The issue of whether or not Britain should be attempting to build its way out of a recession is the crux of a significant debate in the British media and property industry. We look at some of the key arguments and give you the opportunity to voice your own opinions.
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Government Steps in to Save Iconic Ironbridge Gorge
The Government has stepped in to save one of Britain's most famous vistas - the world heritage site at Ironbridge Gorge, Telford - by committing a £12million 'keystone' to conserve and protect it, Communities Secretary Eric Pickles announced…
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Five ways to sell your home that you might not have heard of
A number of well peddled clichés surround the selling of a home, but some tactics do slip under the radar. We expose five things you should address before selling your home to maximise its attractiveness to choosy buyers in a difficult market…
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In case you missed it…..
String of deaths leaves Britain’s most expensive house up for sale
After a turbulent few years for the various owners of this mountainous property overlooking Hyde Park, a truly unique prospect is up for sale. It may be a little out of most peoples’ budgets, however, with a price tag of £300 million….
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