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Publication date: 19th June 2012

The Property Market Monthly Fact File - May 2012
The property market fact file is a collection of data compiled each month by our chartered surveyors and the team, collating survey data, statistics and related trends and information from the building and property market. This will help many persons with an interest in property to gain an accurate view of what is happening in the property market as a whole in the UK.
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Court of Appeal shows that consistent breaches of tenancy agreements will not be tolerated
Ref: Case ref. Barking and Dagenham Borough of London v Bakare [2012] All ER (D) 27 (May).
This case saw the defendant consistently fail to remedy serious breaches of tenancy agreements despite numerous warnings. As a result, the Court of Appeal has refused a last ditched attempt to reverse the outright possession order. Landmark case for housing associations and their representatives.
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High Court rules against compulsory acquisition of village green
Ref. Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, R (on the application of) v Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government & Ors [2012] EWHC 1366
A decision by Mr Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, to deny a compulsory purchase order on a village green in Barnsley has become the subject of judicial review by the High Court; leading to a landmark case of which council’s all over the country should take note.
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Right to Build – New fund released to boost key ‘Big Society’ programme
In conjunction with the more publicised ‘right to buy’, this year saw the introduction of the ‘right to build’ through which communities could band together to circumnavigate the conventional planning system. Now in its third month of operation, the system has received a fresh boost of £17m.
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Planning Innovation will see more affordable homes in high priced areas
A new planning model has been introduced in Westminster, helping to balance the books for development companies and make affordable housing viable even in high value areas.
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Government diverts £450m to tackle ‘Broken Britain’
Using money from various Government departments, a new injection of £450m has been allocated to tackle Britain’s most ‘troubled’ 120,000 families.
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Go ahead received for 15 new Technical Colleges
The Government has approved a new wave of 15 University Technical Colleges to offer full time courses to teenagers aged 14-19. The move has been heralded as excellent progress and could help lay the foundations for strong future growth. Find out whether a college will be opening near you…
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In case you missed it…..
Tiny village triumphs over the might of Tesco
In a modern day David and Goliath story, a tiny village in Kent has triumphed against the mighty Tesco and saved their beloved pub from gaudy redevelopment.
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