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December 2012 Newsletter
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Publication date: 4th December 2012

This month's edition includes a landmark High Court ruling, the latest MP's expenses 'Omnishambles', a planning revelation from Nick Boles MP and a view from the Editor on encouraging floodplain development....

The Property Market Monthly Fact File - December 2012
The property market fact file is a collection of data compiled each month by our Chartered Surveyors and the team; collating survey data, statistics, trends and information from the property market. This aims to help many persons with an interest in property gain an accurate view of what is happening in the UK property market as a whole.
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C of A Overturns High Court Ruling - Stopping Council from Escaping Lease Commitments
Ref. Charles Terence Estates Ltd v Cornwall Council [2012] EWCA Civ 1439
A landmark judgement from the Court of Appeal will make it very difficult for Councils to escape troublesome and expensive lease agreements founded on fiduciary breaches.
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Landlord Compiles £1m Property Holdings… Whilst Claiming £73,500 in Benefits
Ref. Bristol Crown Court – Adrian Callen (defendant) – 22/11/2012 T20120789

A 57 year old man from Bedminster Down, Bristol, has been convicted of 9 counts of benefit fraud, relating to a £1m property portfolio he created whilst falsely claiming thousands of pounds worth of benefits…
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Controversial Housing Minister Wants 1,500 Square Miles of Open Land for Building
In one of the most controversial political positions taken by a new Minister since the cabinet reshuffle in September, new Housing Minister Nick Boles MP has revealed his stance towards the ‘housing crisis’…He wants 1,500 square miles of new construction on England’s open spaces. We outline the policy and the reaction…
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England's Green and Pleasant Land

England's wet and unpleasant land

Editor’s Comment - Flooding and Development in 2012
Following on from Nick Boles MP’s comments on paving vast swathes of England’s green and pleasant land, our Editor discusses the implications to flooding in years to come, in the unpleasant context of thousands more homes affected by heavy rainfall in recent weeks…
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Tiny Nominal Payout Awarded in £2.5m Castle Sale Case
Ref. Howard v Howard – Lawson [2012] EWCA Civ 6
The man who sued his own 78 year old father four times in eight years over the sale of their 13th Century Corby Castle estate in North Cumbria has now been defeated yet again in the courts, with £100,000 legal costs and his only victory from 22 allegations a £5.60 a year ground rent…..
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MP’s in Fresh Expenses ‘Omnishambles' Scandal
In the latest Parliamentary expenses ‘omnishambles’ 51MP’s have details of their expenses redacted, as Ipsa release information of some of those who are renting from colleagues at the taxpayers' expense whilst simultaneously letting out their own homes to supplement their own income.
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Will the Government do enough to save squares like these?

Housing Minister Mark Prisk Pledges Government Backing to the Nation’s “Lifeline Shops”
Speaking to the Association of Convenience Stores, Mark Prisk MP, Minister for Housing, emphasised how important high street and local stores are to both the economy and to the fabric of society. We detail Government policies that are attempting to assist Britain’s stores and stem the tide of closures…
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Energy Tariff Shifts Risk Leaving Vulnerable Customers out of Pocket
Thousands of vulnerable customers could be left hundreds of pounds out of pocket if moved from ‘social’ tariffs by energy firms.
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Why is it a Good Time to Own Woodland?
Even though you will never be able to build on it, you can’t farm it and you couldn’t live (comfortably) on it, the prices of woodland are rising dramatically, fuelled by strong demand across Britain. But why would anyone want their own woodland and why are investors so keen on it?
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Woodland the new gold?

Woodland the new gold?

Ash Dieback - Latest Epidemic to Infect British Trees Could Become a Costly
H & S Risk

The cost of making safe thousands of trees infected by Ash Dieback could run into the hundreds of millions, in the latest epidemic to hit Britain's much loved flora. Following the devestation created by 'Sudden Oak Death' and 'Dutch Elm Disease', many fear yet more tree death will irrevocably affect Britain's forests.
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Avoiding Cowboys and Construction Nightmares
Recent studies by Which? Magazine show that only 52% of responders trust builders. So what can you do to avoid ‘cowboys’ and have your project completed to the expected standard, on time and at the right cost?
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And Finally....

In case you missed it…..
Congestion Survey Ironically Cancelled after Nine Mile Traffic Jam
In a feat of ironic u-turning impressive even for Local government, a traffic census by Norfolk County Council was this month cancelled after it caused a vast traffic jam. Unfortunately for Norfolk, it wasn’t their first calamitous census…
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