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Publication date: 4th May 2011

The Property Market Monthly Fact File - May 2011
The property market fact file is a collection of data compiled each month by our chartered surveyors and the team, collating survey data, statistics and related trends and information from the building and property market. This will help many persons with an interest in property to gain an accurate view of what is happening in the property market as a whole in the UK.
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Proposals to Change Planning Laws – Government Consultations
The Government has announced a consultation following its proposal to amend the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 (as amended) to grant permitted development rights to changes of use from commercial uses to residential uses.
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Property Apportionment - Supreme Court Precedent for Unmarried Couples Expected
The Appeal in the Kennett V Jones case is due to be heard this week by the Supreme Court (Wednesday 4th May, 2011). This case is seen by some as setting a precedent for the interpretation of property ownership rights for unmarried couples.
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Cashback scheme for social housing tenants being piloted.
Some Housing Associations have started a scheme for social tenants which gives the tenants more control over their homes’ maintenance budgets. If successful, it may be extended to the rest of the country.
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Free Home Insulation
Free home insulation available for the over 70’s or if the occupiers are in receipt of certain benefits.
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New Laws for Household Energy Companies
New Rules came into force on 28th April 2011 preventing Household Energy Companies from increasing their prices to customers without giving them 30 days’ notice.
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Your water bill
If you are having trouble paying your water bill, there are things which can be done to help you.
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Wind Farms paid nearly £900,000 to turn off their Generators for One Night
The National Grid Operational Forum revealed that 5 wind farms in Scotland were paid £890,000 to turn off their generating turbines for one night as the system was not able to absorb the amount of electricity being produced.
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Housebuilding Growth
The National Housebuilding Council has reported that the greatest number of new home registrations have taken place in March 2011 than have taken place for over three years.
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In case you missed it…..
“Pay at the Door” Sex Parties Stopped in Westminster
An appeal against an injunction by self-styled ‘Lord’ Edward Davenport to use his Mayfair home for commercial “parties”, “porn discos”, functions and film shoots has been dismissed by the court of appeal.
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