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October 2010 Newsletter

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Publication date: 28th October 2010
Next publication date: Last Week of November 2010

The Property Market Survey Fact File - October 2010
The property market fact file is a collection of data compiled each month by our chartered surveyors and the team, collating survey data, statistics and related trends and information from the building and property market. This will help many persons with an interest in property to gain an accurate view of what is happening in the property market as a whole in the UK.
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Leasehold Enfranchisement Opportunity for Commercial Tenants
A commercial property tenant with a long lease may be able to acquire the freehold of their building, even if it is not being used as a house.  The result could potentially have a huge impact on enfranchisement claims.
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House damage compensation by RAF
A Somerset farmer has been compensated for damage to his house and buildings by low flying aircraft. A previous claim he had made against the MoD regarding damage done by the RAF had not been successful.
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House Conveyance Clarity Error of Judgement
Lack of clarity in what was being purchased in house buying process proves expensive for costs purchasers of £7,000,000 property.
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Fire Safety in the home or office - Smoke Alarms
With a new build property or a conversion the fitting of a Smoke Alarm or a CO2 Alarm; may be required under the building regulations. All existing stock should have at least the benefit of a battery powered smoke alarm.
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10 Qns - Climbing Plants & Property
Ten things to consider with climbing plants next to your property. How much damage can they cause?
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Government Property Asset Management Unit
Two Government property vehicles are to be created to take control of the Government’s property portfolios in London and Bristol.
These vehicles will act as if they are in the private sector and coordinate the occupation, sale and leasing or purchasing of Government Property.
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Origin of Place Names
In England, prior to the 15th Century, the majority of place names were adaptations of the location or features of the landscape or referred to the land ownership. This can be useful to a surveyor or anyone with an interest in a specific location.
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Dated 28th October 2010

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