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Nov / Dec 2010 Newsletter

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Publication date: 1st December 2010
Next publication date: First Week of January 2011

The Property Market Monthly Fact File - November/December 2010
The property market fact file is a collection of data compiled each month by our chartered surveyors and the team, collating survey data, statistics and related trends and information from the building and property market. This will help many persons with an interest in property to gain an accurate view of what is happening in the property market as a whole in the UK.
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Is Working From Home a Legal Headache?
There are many reasons why people do, and need to, work from home. Indeed, the internet and the ability to have a fully functioning office from home have transformed the way and the place many persons work, but are you breaking the law?
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Economists expect 16% house price rise by 2014
The Centre for Economics and Business Research predict that the market will probably see house prices rise by 16% over the next three years.
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Autumn Flooding of Property Strikes Again
The recent autumnal affects of flooding on property have been all over the media, this year centred on parts of mid Cornwall.  This was almost exactly a year after the tragic flooding in and near Cockermouth in Cumbria. Is this becoming an annual event?
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Code for Sustainable Homes updated
A set of guidelines were published by the last government in April 2007, in an effort to make new homes more energy efficient, sustainable and ‘green’. Grant Shapps described the procedures developers and planners have to go through as “alphabet soup" and "red-tape”, and pledged to tackle it.
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10 Qns – Gargoyles and Grotesques
Ten things about Gargoyles, such as what are they, what are they for, how do they work, and where can they be found?
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In case you missed it….
A German DIY enthusiast trapped himself in his cellar for two days after ending on the wrong side of a wall he was building.
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Dated 1st December 2010

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