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May 2010 Newsletter

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May 2010

The Property Market Survey Fact File - May 2010

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The monthly property market fact file from the team collating survey data from the building and property market.
The monthly property market fact file is a series of data collated by Chartered Surveyors of the network. This will help those with an interest in the property market to gain an accurate view in one place, of what is happening in the property market as a whole in the UK.

Private Water Supplies Regulations 2009
From January, 2010, there has been a reshaping of the law forcing Local Authorities to carry out a risk assessment and to test all Private Water Supplies in England and Wales.
This will affect every property with a private water supply although an individual (non commercial) property and the owner has not requested an assessment.

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March Property Lending Figures Released
The rate of the recovery appears to have stalled according to figures released by the Bank of England for March 2010.
The net lending secured on dwellings increased by £0.3 billion, well below the February increase of £1.8 billion and the previous six-month average of £1.5 billion.  The twelve-month growth rate was unchanged, at 1.0%.

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This month’s Green Issue - Generating your own electricity with Wind Turbines
A few years ago, domestic wind turbines were heralded as the solution to rising electricity prices in the home. DIY stores up and down the country were doing a roaring trade in them. Simply install a wind-turbine in your back garden or on your roof, and start saving money!
As you might expect, the reality isn’t so clear cut. It’s not that wind-turbines don’t work, because they do. As with so many things, the crucial thing to take into account is location, location, location.
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This month’s Interest Slot - Blue Plaques
What are Blue Plaques?
A scheme for showing where the Great, the Good and the Famous once lived or worked in London. The first plaque was erected in 1867.
There are now some 800 Blue Plaques on the capital’s buildings.
The scheme was extended to cover several other cities between 1995 and 2007.  These include Liverpool, Birmingham, Portsmouth and Southampton.

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HIPs have been suspended
The government has announced that Home Information Packs are suspended from 21st May 2010.  This confirms the Conservative Party’s intention stated prior to the election (click here to see Article). The Energy Performance Certificates will continue, as they are a European Union directive, and will be valid for 10 years.

Coalition Government Property Proposals
The Coalition Government has issued a list of things they plan to do while in Parliament.
Some of this agenda will directly affect property, for example lifting the ban on tenants running businesses from home, and the installation of smart meters in homes.

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British Bankers report subdued Mortgage activity in April
The British Bankers Organisation has reported that “Overall lending to companies remains subdued, although the annual rate of contraction appears to have bottomed out.”
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Dated 27th May 2010

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