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June 2010 Newsletter

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June 2010

The Property Market Survey Fact File - June 2010
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The monthly property market fact file from the team collating survey data from the building and property market.
The monthly property market fact file is a series of data collated by Chartered Surveyors of the network. This will help those with an interest in the property market to gain an accurate view in one place, of what is happening in the property market as a whole in the UK.

Do you need to know if a Mobile Phone Mast is next to your house?
To locate whether there is a mobile phone mast close to your home, or near a home which you are thinking of, or involved with, purchasing, involves considerable research.  Will it be required as part of the local authority enquiries contained within a property search during conveyance?
How to find out if a mast is located nearby.  Health research study results announced on 23rd June 2010. 
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Garden-grabbing to come to an end
Gardens will be given greenfield status, rather than brownfield, the government has announced, to end “Garden-Grabbing”, where developers buy up a garden and redevelop it to build new homes.
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Coalition Government Property Proposals
The Coalition Government has issued a list of things they plan to do while in Parliament. Some of this agenda will directly affect property.
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Your Home is not your Castle
Did you realise that almost 20,000 council workers now have the right to enter your home without a warrant or police escort? The Home Office has confirmed that there are currently 1043 different laws that permit state inspectors to enter people’s homes or premises.
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The Mundic Problem Explained
Between 1900 and the early 1950s (mid 1960s in certain areas) many properties were built with concrete constructed of poor quality aggregate from mining waste.
Unfortunately it has now been established that the minerals contained in the aggregate material can cause a chemical reaction which results in deterioration of the strength and composition of the concrete.
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How to Save Money on your Fuel Bills.
There are a number of different factors that the average homeowner can undertake in order to help save money on their annual fuel bills. Every home and every homeowner or occupier is unique and therefore a different balance of money-saving ideas and energy efficiency techniques should be considered for every property.
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Dated 30th June 2010

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