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July 2010 Newsletter

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July 2010

The Property Market Survey Fact File - July 2010
The monthly property market fact file from the team collating survey data from the building and property market.
The monthly property market fact file is a series of data collated by Chartered Surveyors of the network. This will help those with an interest in the property market to gain an accurate view in one place, of what is happening in the property market as a whole in the UK.
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Property Law Leases - Tenant's Option to Break
Chancery Division Court Ruling puts pressure on tenants and their advisors to make certain that any option clause notices are properly served. Inaccurate serving of the notice will invalidate the process.
A tenant in Kensington did not follow the terms of his lease and the courts have confirmed that his wish to enact an option to break clause was therefore inoperable.

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GDP figures indicate growth in 2nd Quarter of 2010
The GDP figures released from the Office of National Statistics last Friday bode well for the economy. The mixed economic news suggests, however, that one swallow does not make a summer.
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Furnished Holiday Let Losses
Can purchasers offset their losses on a furnished holiday let against other income? Although the last Government intended to change this situation, this was never achieved before the General Election. The Coalition has decided for the time being to leave the current position alone.
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The Control of Wasps
Summer is here! Wasps can easily create chaos around somebody's property, house or home by setting up their nest too close or even inside the property. The usually unwelcome pests can make using parts of any property, house or garden unpleasant and even virtually impossible to use normally in some circumstances.
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Saving money with Household Waste Water
In times of drought, or if a house is on a water meter, it is possible to save water with the use of “Grey Water” in the garden.
Grey water is simply recycled water from the home that has already been used, but is not so contaminated that it will cause damage to plants and other areas of the garden if used as part of the garden watering process.

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Dated 27th July 2010

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