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August 2010 Newsletter

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Date: End August 2010
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The Property Market Survey Fact File - August 2010
The monthly property market fact file from the team collating survey data from the building and property market.
The monthly property market fact file is a series of data collated by Chartered Surveyors of the network. This will help those with an interest in the property market to gain an accurate view in one place, of what is happening in the property market as a whole in the UK.
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Court of Appeal Ruling: Duty of Care for Land Occupiers
An important case has recently been heard by the Court of Appeal which has overturned an earlier ruling by the High Court.  This has implications for the duty of care expected by the courts on occupiers of land.
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Carbon Monoxide Alarms in Buildings Regulations soon to be Law.
The newly published part J Approved Document (AD J) takes effect on 1st October in England and Wales.
It requires a carbon monoxide alarm to be fitted in the same room as a new or replacement fixed solid fuel, gas or oil heating appliance.
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What do I need to consider if I am buying a leasehold property?
A leasehold property, on a full repairing lease is, from the point of view of the survey, much the same as a freehold property. The main difference is that the need to keep the property in good repair does not just depend on what is prudent but is strictly governed by the terms of the repairing clauses in the lease.
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Alien Weeds Invasion
Throughout history, explorers have brought strange and exotic plants back to the UK from foreign lands. Most of these grow happily and disturb no one. However, some grow so vigorously that they force back other plants, i.e. our native ones, and cause damage to buildings. If these invasive plants are allowed to proliferate, our native eco-systems are under threat, so they must be controlled. Developers and builders have strict regulations to follow to ensure that these plants are not present when building properties.
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New Homes Bonus Scheme to aid housing shortage
Under the New Homes Bonus Scheme, announced by Housing Minister Grant Shapps, a grant equivalent to the council tax for each new home will be paid to local councils for the next 6 years. The councils will be able to decide how to spend the money.
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Save Money in Your Garden or with an Allotment
Get healthy with your kids and create a Vegetable Patch in your Garden.
Research by such bodies as the National Trust encourages homeowners and others to get hold of an allotment or start a Vegetable Patch in the garden.

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Dated 26th August 2010

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