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The Chartered Surveyors contactable via this website generally perform Building Surveys, major defects surveys, homebuyers reports or house buyer reports, valuations or single fault assessments. Some carry out photographic inspections and assessments of properties for purchasers at the same time as carrying out building surveys or other reports. (Building Surveys were formerly called structural surveys but the RICS changed their name.)

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What is a Schedule of Dilapidations?

Schedules of Dilapidation

The issue of Schedules of Dilapidation is a complicated one and surveyors can be used to support either the tenant, or the landlord, in varying instances.

Landlord - The landlord needs to ensure that his property is maintained properly and should ensure proper dilapidations practice by warning tenants in advance of neglect.  Any risk to the asset value of the property is thus arrested before a problem becomes extensive.  This is best done by the service of an interim schedule of dilapidations which, although more limited than a final schedule, will usually focus the attention of the tenant on existing problems.

A final schedule of dilapidations will identify items of disrepair to be made good by the tenant in order to protect the asset value to the landlord at the expiration of the lease.  Where the tenant has not complied with his repairing obligations, the schedule can often form the basis of a financial claim by the landlord.

Tenant - Tenants are sometimes presented with very large dilapidations claims by their landlord at or very near to the expiry of a lease.  In such circumstances, the validity of the landlord’s claim should be investigated with reference to specification and pricing of works involved, to the scope of repair obligations undertaken by the tenant, and to the loss in value of the reversion.  When a claim is submitted in good time prior to lease expiry, it is sometimes beneficial for the relevant repair works to be carried out less expensively by the tenant.

Most members of the Property Surveying network will be able to carry out Schedules of Dilapidation Reports, offering professional advice tailored to protect the client’s interest, be they landlord or tenant.


This page, and those under the links to the left, is for those who are unfamiliar with obtaining property surveys and who would like a greater general understanding before they telephone or contact the appropriate Chartered Surveyor closest to the subject property.

Many people do not wish to read long explanations. In which case, telephone the Chartered Surveyor where you need a survey or advice and he or she will be happy to discuss and explain the options to you. You will then be able to discuss the most appropriate course of action and make a fully considered decision.

Sometimes the most appropriate kind of inspection can vary for different people, as well as for different properties, meaning personal advice from an experienced professional is often the only way to really ascertain what you need.

Virtually all Chartered Surveyors will adapt and carry out an individual building inspection to suit your individual needs. A bespoke service or an extra to a typical survey format should enable all the requirements of a client to be addressed.

There are a number of other types of building assessment possible, each found on the links to the left. To select the most appropriate service, we are, as aforementioned, of the opinion that the most appropriate course of action is to speak to the Chartered Surveyor who knows the area well and can discuss your individual requirements.

Please remember that Chartered Surveyors are often onsite and therefore uncontactable even with mobile phones. If you telephone and get an answerphone, please leave a message, or e mail the surveyor, and he or she really will call you back as soon as is possible.

If you have any questions on property matters, or proposals for advice articles,
do not hesitate to write to us via the Contact Us page.

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